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Where we strive to maintain the famous beauford Marque for everyone

What are Beaufords?

Beaufords are British kit cars, loosely modelled on Grand Touring cars of the 1930's.  Originally available as self-build kits in 1983 from Upholland in Lancashire the Beauford car company went on to move to Stoke on Trent.   

Approximately 1,500 kits resulted in the successful completion of around 1,200 roadworthy vehicles over 27 years.  By anecdotal evidence we believe there are around 850 left on the roads today, most in the UK but some have been seen abroad as far away as Belgium, Sweden, Germany, the USA and Australia.

The purpose of this website is to catalog all the cars there are and trace their owners so we can protect and cherish the marque to prevent these wonderful vehicles from vanishing forever.

Watch a video of Beaufords from the Gathering on 2018...

Each year members of the Beauford Club gather at various events the biggest and most important of which is the The Stoneleigh National Kit Car Motor Show. If you have never visited the show, held near Coventry each Mayday bank holiday, do consider it as it is a great day out with lots to see and do - and feel free to drop in on the Beauford stand where you will be assured of a warm welcome and something to eat and drink. For a flavour of the great cars there in 2018 click the button below to see a video of the 2018 event.

Stoneleigh 2018